Around 1986 Save Nilgiris Campaign (SNC) was launched to spearhead a movement to protect and preserve the environment and ecology of this unique region. Over the years SNC also stood up for every cause in the care of this district – social, cultural, economic and political.

The Nilgiri Documentation Centre (NDC) was the brain trust of the Campaign. Now, two decades later, in order to carry forward the good work of SNC for posterity, it has been constituted as a Public Trust. Our dedication, diligence and detachment remain unchanged. NDC will act as a forum to gather comprehensive information / knowledge on all aspects of Nilgiris and its people (visitors including) and act as a think-tank to use them for the sustainable benefit of all stake-holders.

NDC is presently functioning in Sullivan Memorial at Kotagiri, where the ruins of the first European dwelling on the hills put up in 1819 at Kannerimukku by John Sullivan, the founder of modern Nilgiris, has been reconstructed under the Hill Area Development Programme.

Development Promotion Group, a Chennai based NGO and a long time benefactor of SNC is supporting us to set up NDC. A Nilgiri History Museum is also being planned in the Centre.

Lakhs of people have born and lived in the Nilgiri hills. Thousands have studied and spent their childhood and youth there. Millions have visited the place. Millions more are eager to visit. We appeal to all to join and help us in our task. If you can spare any books, pictures, photos, letters or any thing to do with the Nilgiris, please donate them to us. If not, send us any funds that you can spare which we can make use to build the Centre. Please contact us.